ARC Addiction Recovery and Treatment Services

Addiction treatment for people in Nanaimo and Central Vancouver Island.

Opiate Agonist Therapy Treatment: Suboxone, Methadone and Kadian

ARC Addictions & Recovery Clinic is an Addiction Medical Clinic which provides outpatient Opiate Agonist Therapy (OAT) programs to support people struggling with Opiate Addiction. ARC Clinic is a low barrier clinic facilitating same or next day intake by self referral or health practitioner referral. As part of our low barrier commitment, there are no private clinic fees.

As an Addiction clinic we offer addiction treatment services, withdrawal management referrals, and social supportive assistance based on need including residential treatment applications, Income Assistance applications, and housing applications.

Our physicians use BC Centre of Substance Use approved programs for OAT: Suboxone, Methadone, Kadian (Slow-Release Oral Morphine), and concurrent COVID-19 Risk Mitigation measures.

A Little About the Doctor

Dr. John Hunter

Dr. Hunter has practiced medicine compassionately for 27 years and has focused on Opiate Addiction treatment for the last eight years. He helped many people in downtown Vancouver’s east side before moving to Nanaimo three years ago.

Dr. Hunter’s experience and success have shaped his focus on detoxification and in-patient treatment options. Taking a holistic approach to your treatment. Dr. Hunter addresses both physical and emotional barriers to recovery. As an example, he’ll screen you for other disorders that could contribute to addiction. He also believes strongly in removing barriers for people.

New clients are welcome to drop in for treatment and recovery support.

Talking about addiction is the first step to recovery… contact us today.

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Phone: 250-591-1000